Sunday, 28 May 2017


the convenience of purchasing clothes & comfort in the clothes that I wear is really the best for me .

I don't have time to update this blog .

I got caught out in the rain yesterday ,  I don't have to explain anything to anyone , people will do anything to ridicule muslims , even people pretending to be muslims , if you continue with the hate crime will be & has been reported to the police, you have been warned.

None of my views have changed .

I teally don't know what is wrong with these people , where its not even possible to go into a restuarant without the staff trying to make rude comments & chatting up .

I am doing a fashion blog about fashion , & the information I have given these people alone 
 has greatly benefit them , but these people keep trying to trick relationships which simply will never happen.

you need to learn to treat people with the same respect you would expect to treat members of your own family , if you do have any respect for yoi own family or anyone that is. don't exhibit your psychotic behaviour around me , i'm not intetested .

I don't have media packs availible at moments & will never be deteted from the blogging so find someone elsa to haress .

If you wanted to discuss business you have plenty of time at the approach & discuss business at the events you have seen me cover on blog site , I am really not intetested in your ego games .

I had to get a cab back from a private company yesterday as train service hasn't been made 24hrs everyday . but it doesnt stop tongues of the ignourant wagging , its a small minded town of many ignourant people .

most men are involved in relationships with many women as are the women involved with many , you need stop haressing people such as myself that doesnt engage in this behaviour .

Its shocking how these people are obsessed with my personal life . What I do with my personal life is of personal concen, as is where I go and what I do .

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