Wednesday, 31 May 2017


I am an i .t consultant by profession . i .t stands for information technology . its what I have always done & probably what I will always do .

its some sick individuals out there that think its funny to upload my photograph onto porn sites . I have already spoken to the police about it & you can rest assured I will pursue to matter till its resolved till the end .

its a small problem , not something to be alarmed about & all that competitive bloggers have left to do .

with fashion bloggers its sonething I decided to pursue an interest in , its not something I would recommend to others due to the unprofessionalism that surrounds the nature of the work .

I wanted to show the diversity within asian culture with my fashion blog, blogging is something I do as a hobbie , I wanted to show how its possible to dress modestly , bring an awarenees of islam at the same time & but akso show that you can dress well without spending excessively , you can garantee , this is a problem for anyone and eveyones business it effects .

I don't plan to stop blogging at any time.

Its pathetic behaviour from sick individuals , the best you can do is feel sorry for these people and hope the can better their lives . its more typical of london behaviour unfortunately .

I spend as much time as I feel is necessery for fashion blog site , its not my full time job & it insn't something I have though about pursuing fultime . i wanted to bring a different perspective about fashion to people , but many business ideas and aspecrs have also been incorporated into my blogs .

I wanted to show much helps in our lives, if some people don't like it thats your problem & not mine .

What I have said & writren about is the truth ,  I make no appology for any of my comments & if you don't like something thats written thats your problem & not mine & none of my opionions & views have changed .

When people talk about fluctuations in imaan which means faith , it might mean some might wear the nikab or not , or still wear the scarf & maybe not the hijab , it doesnt mean someone will start working on porn sites .

Blog come corporation .

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