Friday, 2 June 2017



Its not the easiest thing to do , to cut out calories , especially if you have a sweet tooth .
Its easier to discipline yourself to remove additional calories in the month of ramadan when you have already disciplined yourself to not eat throughout the day.

This is probably the last blog .

Natural sugars are much easier to digest then additoonal added sugars , which can easily be avoided , much harder if you have developed a sweettooth .

Its best to save the sweets as treats for special occassions otherwise you may find you take a bit of a treat just to pile on additional calories , could have avoided the extra calorie gain and could have got something similar from a local patisserie .

It should be easier to cut out extra fat content , in foods and snacks.

Not anither calorie is the other alternative, calorie controlled preprapered menus, or liquid diet plans .

Healthy options are not easy to come by but much more is availible in terms of healthy options than was availible before .

With home, keep fit dvd's that can be incorporated into busy days , enable keepfit in the privacy of your home.

Which is why haram is haram in any quantity . Its not easy to understand the importance until the experience of time has lapsed but must take its importance as stated .

If you are planning to enjoy the flower show next year,  try to take an adult with you .

We become so desencitised by seeing so much nudity & vulgarity that we start to think its normal, which ofcourse its not, words of champions.

I thought i'd stop blogging but with so many fans its not yet been possible .

Ignore the haters & pursue your dreams.

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