Saturday, 24 June 2017



If like me you left your eid outfit to the last minute , you are probably wondering where you should get this from.

your decision may be dependent on the fact you always like to wear elaborate clothes , or you may feel you wish your eid outfit to be more casual because maybe you are not having too many guests over for eid this year .

if you decide to go out to dinner , you may decide that you want your eid garments  to be maybe more westernised , but if you are going to more of the traditional restuarant , then maybe you feel comfortable  in very tradational garments .

photographs are to be updated .

If you are off to www for your eid clothes , the harrofs sale id now on & you may pickup some bargains .


eid garments matched with children garments if wished .
food preparations
 facials in advance ,
presents wrapped
mitya , asian sweets , its traditional.

If you saw the moon yesterday  it would have been chand raat for you yesterday & eid would be for you today .

If you see the moon today , it would be chand raat for you today & you will celebrate eid tomorrow .

It can defer from country to country , internationally where the chand is sighted which determines which day eid is celebrated .

If you had your garments custom made you would have had this in advance & these would be ready now.

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