Tuesday, 6 June 2017


If you are looking to move into student accomadation to further your education , maybe for certification , an mba , an ma or doctrite ,  you may not always be able to house share with like minded people .

factors to keep in mind .

1.have guest arrangements discused beforehand .
2. have bill arrangements discussed or you may find yourself forefitting the whole bill.
3. if its all girls or all boys student share accomadation you seek state that when addressding student accomadation.
4. there is some sick twisted people out there  but also some lovely people don't be afraid to check references of people before you move in together .
5. you may have a different criteria for peace & quite when seeeking student accomadation , so state that in your requirements。

we all want different things from life , for some people it may be about accumalating as many designer shoes as possible , for others it may be about traveling & the elite it been about education . you may choose to join charity organisations to help the world & hope your efforts are put to best use .

but don't be surprised if effort is not always recognised or appreciated as it takes an educated person to understand another educated person .

it may be the case,  you are happy where you are , or decide to move to student accomadation later .

you may decide to do the course on-line or find that you are happy with the travel from where you are .

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