Wednesday, 14 June 2017



We muslims understand the importance of appropriate dress, especially in the month of ramadan & to futher enrich mind , body & soul, is to read the hadith .

In the month of ramadan we muslims focused on our prayers &  fasting continued for the 30 days , fitrana will be given at the end of the fasting period, & hajj will soon commence .

Reading the quran during ramadan was even more beneficial than even before in terms of earning reward from allah & having read the translation to better understanding the next step is to study the hadith .

In pursuit of gaining futher happiness & fullfilment , enriching mind body & soul .

I was fortunate enough to be expertly advised .

Recomended for easy reading & children .

Recomended for easy reading & children .

When looking to enhance home library or further increase reading & knowledge of the deen , one may find oneself lost for choice on what to read here are some recomended & improved texts to enrich life further .

I will be using old photographs for future blogs.


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