Saturday, 24 June 2017



www .radleylondon .com

Information to be updated .

I do love a good bargain , but I am seriously considering returning this bag , its not something I would use .

It was about £40.00 would have been £44 with delivery costs ,

In todays times , we have more disposable income than ever before , but people will tell you
they are still poor .

I would have to disagree & when all people can say sister help us ,  always complaining they never have enough , always making derogative comments , is it a wonder the world is in the mess its in today .

People havent really progressed .

Our parents were much wiser & much more careful whom they let into their homes , hopefully the next generation will be wiser still .

No its not me , its on sale at tkmax & I returned it. I do like the radley london bags & will probably get one of their other bags later.

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