Tuesday, 13 June 2017


It childrens book on salah , if as many do we think we are too busy or we have made our lives too busy to learn salah or if you want to correct & make your salah perfect you can take benefit from the use of this book .

I recognised the voices correctly , there was nany upto mischief, contratry to what ,allah said do not create mischief on earth.

If you were one if the mischief doers then your actions weren't warranted & were not appreciated .

eventhough in a place like this people everyone will tell you it was himself .

I have a book on hujj,  it is a children's book which is written quite simply & quite often I fal in  love with my books & am very reluctant to part with them.

Will post children's book on hujj soon .

If you decide do hujj this year , if you are a wonan travelling alone , you will need to take nehrum with you , which is either your husband , brother , farther or son .

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