Monday, 24 April 2017



Its hard to believe that children are going hungry even in this country. 

If you can determine the children which are in need of food at school before the school holidays begin & give them food packs before school holidays begin or give them vouchers for food to use during the holiday.

Its upto the government & local authorities to ensure that children have enough food, if parents are not able to do this effectively.

Children seem to have the latest phones & toys, so where is this shortfall in food coming from.

I don't know why people seem to think that maybe people have to be poor to be sympathetic to children that are not getting enough food, thats not the case, you don't have to be poor or have starving kids to be aware and concerned for the children that are going without food. 

Its hard to believe children-hungry-school-holiday , it would be even a bigger problem as children are likely to be subjected to longer periods of hunger.

Its not usual to expect to read about children starving in the UK, in an adult's health section,
  healthy-recipes-lifestyle on my pin interest site,  but how can people be so preoccupied with their own health & the purchase of luxury goods without being conscious of the starving children too.  

With the current government assistance that is already being given to families its difficult to understand how it is that children are starving, but more importantly this needs to be dressed now and children cannot wait.



I feel inspired again, I feel optimistic as hopeful and am looking forward to the future again. we are allowed to be human now & then.

You my be at that point in your lives where you decorated your home, just the way you want it, you have had some children, a few memorable holidays, got a great car & investments are secure, private health care or not.

What now you wonder, career, job or your business isn't doing too badly where to now ?

Why not take your heath to the next level. Its just been the few multi vitamins upto now, the exercise belt that when you ask where everyone got their great flat stomach, they will tell you the exercise belt from your blog. Oh you wonder !

Can never really argue with  not getting enough exercise .


But now its to the optimum level of health performance that we are going.
I haven't tried this yet but plan to get back into my health & fitness routine after the busy bank holiday.

I am thinking of giving this the chance to prove itself which comes with fitness routines, health supplements and eating plans give it a go & then let me know how you get on, all the best of luck.

Combined with healthy eating & aren't you curious to know whats in my healthy drink .


I had a short rest and thought don''t be put off by miserable people that think they put you off with the £16 boat ride just because you were wearing a scarf, when in fact you had, had much of a fulfilling day and went there just for the breeze & there is many ferry operators to chose from.

I know the air could be cleaner, transport could be much better but you read londoners were the rudest & they hadn't convinced you otherwise.

If like me you want the bigger adventure you can look into booking the holiday, don't forget to take friends and family with you.

I almost forgot but remembered just in time,  if you'd rather travel alone I have just the thing for you.

What are you waiting for, book that holiday now & don't forget to pickup those holiday essentials.


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