Tuesday, 25 April 2017



If netflix is selectively queuing your film requests then so are on line shopping sites , selectively fulfilling your shopping orders, erm especially if you need to blog about it.

oh really people what did you really expect !

I have already worn these, ha ha

I'm waiting for my husband to pick me up won't have time to blog anymore, I hope the information has been useful to you, whatever, whenever, peace.



It really should be the makeup of the future but for some reason it doesnt seem to have got the coverage that it deserves.

I had late night yesterday getting the blog ready in time, didn't even get time to shop & missed all the great offers http://www.brandalley.co.uk/BELLAPIERRE


COLLAGEN & VIT C ARE THE BUZZ WORDS AT THE MOMENT. Collagen & Vit C are buzz words at the moment. In draft mode. If you can get collagen & vit c in your cream at the same time then you are onto the winner, sea minerals too. It used to be cellulite creams in the past, cellulite creams dissolved body fat, toned & firmed the body, but they rarely did of course. Its so difficult with the number of products on the market these days, with so much product knowledge, just researching the products alone is more of the full time education in itself. Where is the product loyalty ?

I have also been looking for the right oil to wear under the moisturiser. If you are unsure about your skincare purchase you can get to try samples, but more & more companies are now producing miniature sizes to sample the products. feel free to change & adapt your products as you wish ! I know its much of the concern with stares. I'm staying at home to relax for the rest of the week. Its not products alone that contribute to the condition of our skins but the food we eat, how much water we drink, exercise, & pollution levels. Its definitely worth visiting the elemis counter to get your skin analysis done, It may seem patronizing at most, but its still worth the visit & is much less traumatizing then you would expect. If you want to change your skin care routine, don't feel under pressure to do so all at once. you should be able to introduce new products individually, it may be argued they wouldn't work as effectively unless used as part of the whole range. I have seen it. I even saved the link, as soon as I have time to find the collagen & vit c cream link I will update the blog, but i'm sure it will be advertised sooner. Until then try http://www.reviveskin.co.uk/products/stem-cells, these products don't come with any guarantees, but you are sure not to go wrong at these prices.

Clarins has a product at the moment which I can't seem to find which offers vit c equivalent, that could be used in combination with the collagen creams, to create the same effect, only I have never really been a fan of clarins products.

Cleansers come in many forms, foam or water. Its down to personal preference.

It wasn't the cream I saw but it seems to work just as well collagen & vit c


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