Wednesday, 24 May 2017


I can't think of anything more boring & revolting then shopping in this hot weather for the next few days .

It looks as though we are about to have some hot weather here for the next few days & making plans to enjoy this hot spell of weather in the uk .

If you are looking for more of the unique outfits , you'll have to head away from high street brands , if its places to enjoy the hot weather then head for the beach, pebbled or sandy , but if school holidays haven't quite began yet prior responsibilities always take presidence.

Its always good to get away for the holiday  season as you will be enjoying longer spells of hot weather. If you can get away before the school holidays even better .

You have to be able to manage you're own time & money effectively between seight seeing & sports abroad, with young children on holiday abroad, if travelling & holidaying in large groups , I would suggest two itinerarys . One for the younger holiday maker that needs to keepup with naps & another for the active traveller.

Change currency before you leave , take more rather than less when it comes to young children's accessories , & don't rely on purchasing your essentials when on holiday , unless you want to stay behind & go to the flower show .

You can grab last minute essentials from the 24 hour supermarket , & don't worry if the kids laugh when you tell them you grabed some last minute casual, neutral clothing essentials from the supermarket, as the quick holiday getaway was much more important .

You may be wondering what all the confusion was about  the last few days , manchester hospital got bombed because it didn't update its patches ?

I can't think of any better ideas than to get away for that well deserved holiday . Cos you definately don't want to be sitting in the waiting room, talking about patches to be shown pictures of ripped clothes. its obvious we are talking about these patches when talking about computers , whether or not you mentioned obtaining the masters degree, but still didn't understand patches !

Is it a joke , people taking heavy picknic baskets on holiday , is it a joke the computers were hi-jacked just because patches weren't updated & bombing of manchester hospital could have been avoided , they had been warned at the start of year.

Not available in high street shops

With new abaya designs becoming more available , take your selection with you before going on holiday & your preference to purchase clothes may be better suited abroad as clothes are more cheapily & easily availible & can be given to the poor when leaving , amongst many of other things I gave to the charity shops that was nolonger in fashion & worn.


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