Saturday, 27 May 2017


Its definately worth the visit .

I really enjoyed the rhs chelsea flower show much more than I expected, had tea & dinner at the event so there really wasn't any need to go alfresco elsawhere .
I have photographed few of my favourite displays.

If you are planning to spend the whole day there which is advisible rather than just turningup for the jazz concert at the end, much light refreshments, breakfast , lunch & dinner at the restuarant is also available .

You would be surprised at how quickly tickets sell out so its advisable to book in advance . I was actually shocked at the turnout & didn't expect to see the place full .

It can be informative & interesting for children too , probably not something you would expect to do with young children , but something older children would enjoy & may develop green fingers and an interest in at an earlier age.

In & amongst the breathtaking flower display, there is this huge retail selection of items , from gardening items , garden ornaments to this selection of boutique quality of gardening overals that would look amazing in any boutique , fair change from the usual boring gardening overals you may be use to wearing. I saw some beautiful butterfly garden ornaments that I couldn't see on the way back so I guess I will just have to back again next year .

Its nice to relax at the end of the chelsea flower show & enjoy the additional events that have been arranged to members to enjoy .


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