Thursday, 1 June 2017



Untill you are actually there in person just to chat & taste the treats you won't really know whats going on .

There are two lovely female sales assistants that will help you make your choices . Great as desserts with tea or after dinner treats .

I have never experienced so much abusive behaviour in all my life , london must surely be getting more violent .

It takes, ages to get served in stores , queues are ,extortionate , staff seems to be dissapearing , you can never say too little or too much in reviews .

Its really novel , packaging is lovely , eventhough there may be few products displayed in the window, don't wait till after you have had your tea , you may find your favourites have gone . I was surprised the pink ecliar had gone .

Great presents ,

In london one does wonder , I am glad you got rich stealing ideas , but I was really better off working in a secure environment .

When initially approached remember thats the time to make business connections .

I'm not doing this anymore .


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