Saturday, 17 June 2017



Its almost impossible to get an impartial opionin on what actually works in terms of skincare ranges .

I have tried out many variations of skincare ranges on blog as you will recall & request you take them into consideration , depending on your skincare requirements .

It is always important to check the ingredients of the skincare treatments these days & to ensure what your skincare needs are provided for .

Nobody really knows whats going on but everyone likes to speculate. Its numerous companies that will make miracle claims of miracle results of skincare ranges that work miracles , but its not till you have tried the skincare range over long periods of time that you
can vouch for its results .

But before you can even start to vouch for the results of the cream, you will have to find the skincare range that is suitable for your skin .

I looked out of the window & heard a child's voice & it sounded like someone I knew but I didn't see anyone to match the description I knew & dropped the vit c lotion . Its one of the few skincare ranges which actually produces the vit c lotion to be applied before you apply your moisturiser .

I will show you one as soon as I have one availible to be shown , its packaged in the same style & is compact & sleek as the other bottles in the range .


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