Monday, 19 June 2017



I love this music , does anyone know where its from ?
We can't always help who we fall in love with, love the accent , so cute .

Its time & time again , one waits for things to surface to ground level , but not all good products do , some are still specific & restricted to certain department stores .

 makeup & tutorial for inspiration for eid makeup tutorial & outfit

##foolthatstayedbehindtohelpeveryone .

laylatul qadr worship plan to maximise last 10 nights .

chand right , the night to see the moon to determine eid . CHAND RAAT, life on this earth is short & kul hona hu , if we can contribute something to mankind before we leave, sunnat .

Everyone pretending to be you , tske inspiration from the chanel & your original eid clothes .

If you are looking for new perfume inspiration for eid , then I found this delictable , irisistable.

essences of coconut & sweetness . If you are looking for something new zara has some lovely. I didn't upload the previous zara perfume link . I have tried to upload the link .

If its non alcoholic fragrances your heart desires , then don't forget SUNA. It was certainly time we didn't have options but now we certainly do.

Its what you make of it , so dont leave your henna designs , mendi till the last minute .

I remember the time , there was almost nothing in terms of islamic , modest dress sense , attire , culture & food , now mashallah we have great positive , footage from our beautiful sisters in the deen , something to aspire too .

It should have been me from the start but I let the beautiful sisters in show you how to dress your scarves ladies .

Hujj not to be missed .  Just talking to you .


I hope to bring another blog for mens eid attire , that should be interesting .


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